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Carl Jeffers is the Keynote Speaker your company needs! Intelli Marketing Associates, Inc. 3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604 General  Office: (206) 781-1047
Carl   Jeffers,   President   of   Intelli   Marketing Associates   and   a   nationally   renowned   Franchise   author,   sales,   marketing   consultant, and public speaker, is available to make a guest speaker appearance at your Franchise convention or regional meetings. For   the   very   reasonable   fee   of   $7500   plus   travel   expenses,   Carl   Jeffers,   a   recognized   Franchise   industry   professional,   can speak   directly   to   the   day   to   day   issues   and   concerns   that   affect   your   franchises’   businesses   in   an   entertaining   and   informative manner.   Jeffers   will   address   the   trends   and   developments   your   business   needs   to   be   aware   of   in   today's   ever   changing franchise   world.   Carl   Jeffers   can   give   your   franchisees   the   motivational   send   off   that   all   Franchisers   hope   will   be   part   of   their Franchise   conventions.   Count   on   Jeffers   to   highlight   industry-specific   issues   as   either   the   main   keynote   speaker,   or   a   member on a discussion panel.

“When Carl Jeffers speaks, people listen.”

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