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  Keyed in to the Pulse of the Nation One     thing     EVERYONE,     conservatives     and     liberals     and Democrats   and   Republicans   alike ALL   say   about   Carl   Jeffers is    that    he    is    truly    fair    and    intellectually    honest    in    his analysis,   and   that   he   approaches   commentary   on   political and   social   topic   issues   without   a   rigid   pre-set   agenda   and with   a   common   sense   approach   that,   as   one   viewer   puts   it, is a "cleansing breath of fresh air." Testimonials   say   that   "Carl   is   the   one   commentator   we   can always    count    on    to    be    the    real    definition    of    fair    and balanced",    and    whether    on    TV    or    Radio    viewers    know Jeffers   will   remain   true   to   his   trademark   style   of   insightful, sharp   and   well   informed   analysis   presented   in   a   style   that engages   the   viewer   and   makes   them   feel   comfortably   part of   the   conversation.         We   need   more   of   Carl   Jeffers   all   over the Media! Carl   Jeffers   has   provided   political   analysis   and   commentary for   radio   stations   KABC   in   Los   Angeles   and   KLSD   in   San Diego,   and   has   “guest   hosted”   on   KABC,   the ABC   affiliate   in Los Angeles,   one   of   the   top   two   stations   in   the   number   two radio   market   in   America   today,   and   he   has   also   hosted   on KIRO.

A Respected Analyst on Television

Jeffers' energy, keen insight, and engaging style has made him a “show favorite” throughout the networks. Even his political polar opposites have this to say about Carl, as in this quote by Neil Cavuto of Fox News: "You   are   the   best   Carl   Jeffers;   I   mean   they   don't come better than Carl...” Carl    Jeffers    is a    nationally    renowned    and    respected speaker   who   has   been   featured   regularly   on   television networks   such   as   CNN,   NBC,   MSNBC,   and   FOX   News   and Business   as   a   political   analyst,   radio   talk   show   host, lecturer and business consultant.

Widely Read in News Publications

Carl is also an editorial contributor to the


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