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About Carl Jeffers 

Carl   Jeffers   was   born   and   raised   in   Baltimore,   Maryland   and   graduated   from   Northwestern   University   in   Evanston,   Ill.   Carl   Jeffers   was   a pre-law   major   at   Northwestern   with   majors   in   both   Political   Science   and   Marketing.   While   at   Northwestern,   he   excelled   on   Debating Teams,   made   “Dean’s   List”   several   quarters,   was   elected   President   of   the   Interfraternity   Council,   one   of   the   first African-Americans   to be   elected   President   of   the   Interfraternity   Council   at   a   major   White   university   in   the   country,   and   played   varsity   Tennis.   Carl   still   plays a little mean tennis and enjoys music, especially jazz, sports, and US Presidential history. Jeffers   is   that   unique   individual   who   has   taken   two   college   majors   and   develop   them   into   two   different   careers:   political   analysis   and business.

About Intelli Marketing Associates

Intelli   Marketing   Associates   is   a   full   service   Franchise   marketing   consulting   firm   that   specializes   in   the   structuring   and development   of   complete   Franchise   programs   for   companies   desiring   to   expand   their   business   via   the   Franchise   format. Intelli    Marketing    is    a    consortium    of    professionals    dedicated    to    specific    disciplines    with    a    comprehensive    range    of experience to provide a complete "turnkey" package of services to our Clients! As   a   full   service   consulting   firm,   Intel's   activities   include   everything   from   feasibility   studies   and   evaluating   the   potential   of a   business   to   be   "franchised,"to   the   actual   structuring   of   the   Franchise   program   and   development   of   the   "Franchise Blueprint,"   the   marketing   plan   and   business   development   mode   ,   preparation   of   all   legal   UFOC   documenis,   contracts,   and formal      filing   and   registration      materials,   developing   operations   manuals   and   architectural   design   criteria   manuals,   and implementing   a   complete   program   of   "support   services"   including   site   selection,   lease   negotiation   and   ongoing   operations monitoring.   Carl   Jeffers   is   recognized   as   an   expert   in   “Cross   Border”   franchising,   launching   concepts   between   Canada and the US. In   addition,   one   of   our   most   established   and   unique   areas   of   specialization   has   been   our   ability   to   directly   handle marketing,   sales   and   negotiation   closing   strategies   for   our   clients   in   the   franchise   sales   area,   and   the   accomplishments   of our   firm   and   our   president   in   this   area   have   placed   our   firm   on   the   highest   plateau   of   achievement   in   this   field.   For   clients interested   in   pursuing   these   services,   we   invite   you   to   examine   our   materials   devoted   exclusively   to   the   sales   and marketing services we can provide to clients. And   of   course,   we   also   feature   a   special   attention   to   Diversity   areas   that   are   further   described   in   this   link   or   click   button below. In   addition,   we   have   a   developed   specialty   in   the   " information   services "   area   symbolized   by   the   activities   of   our   president as   a   renowned   speaker   at   business   conventions   and   franchise   forums   throughout   the   country   and   as   a   writer   for   business, trade and editorial feature media publications. Intelli Marketing Associates, Inc. 3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd. Studio City, CA 91604 General  Office: (206) 781-1047
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